Howard County Endorsements, Round 2

Jessica Feldmark for Delegate Joan Pontius for Howard County Council

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Montgomery County Endorsements

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Montgomery County Candidate Responses


State Candidates County Candidates
Susan Lee Sen. 16 Marc Elrich Executive
Max Socol Sen. 18 Scott Goldberg Council At-Large
Adam Cunningham Sen. 39 Tom Hucker Council At-Large
Joshua Dowling Del. 14 Will Jawando Council At-Large
Saqib Ali Del. 15 Laurie-Ann Sayles Council At-Large
Linda Foley Del. 15 Lorna Phillips Forde Council 2
Julie Palakovich-Carr Del. 17 William Roberts Council 2
Vaughn Stewart Del. 18 Christa Tichy Council 3
Lorig Charkoudian  Del. 20 Robert Wu Council 3
David Moon Del. 20 Al Carr Council 4
Gabriel Acevero Del. 39 Kate Stewart Council 4
Lesley Lopez Del. 39 John Zittrauer Council 4
Kirill Reznik Del. 39 Fatmata Barrie Council 5
Clint Sobratti Del. 39 Daniel Koroma Council 5
Kristin Mink Council 5
Jeremiah Pope Council 5
Natali Fani Gonzalez Council 6
Omar Lazo Council 6
Marice Morales Council 6
Andrew Einsmann Council 7
Paul Schwartz Council 7
Tom Hucker Council 8
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Howard County 2022 Endorsements, Round 1

Liz Walsh for Howard County Council Jen Terrasa for Delegate Steven Bolen for Delegate ORHoCo endorses Clarence Lam!

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2022 Howard County Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Liz Walsh County Council District 1
Christiana Rigby County Council District 3
Deb Jung County Council District 4
Joan Pontius County Council District 5
Steven Bolen Delegate District 9A
Chao Wu Delegate District 9A
Jessica Feldmark Delegate District 12A
Terri Hill Delegate District 12A
Pam Lanman Guzzone Delegate District 13
Becca Niburg Delegate District 13
Jen Terrasa Delegate District 13
Clarence Lam Senator District 12


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Brooke Lierman for Comptroller/Carlos Childs for Charles County Commissioner

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Responses to Our Questionnaires for MD Gubernatorial and Congressional Candidates

Here are the links to the responses we have received to date to our Questionnaires for Maryland’s Candidates for Governor and Congress. We will update as we receive more. The party primaries are currently scheduled to be held on July 19th. All Candidates are running in the Democratic primary unless otherwise specified.

Governor Congress (District)
Rushern Baker Angela Angel (4th)
Peter Franchot James Curtis (4th)
John King Donna Edwards (4th)
Ashwani Jain Glenn Ivey (4th)
Tom Perez Jazz Lewis (4th)
Robin Ficker (Republican) Mckayla Wilkes (5th)
Vanessa Marie Hoffman (5th-Libertarian)
Jamie Raskin (8th)
Gregory Coll (8th-Republican)
Kevin Andres Garcia (8th-Libertarian)


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Baltimore City/County 2022 Endorsements Round 2

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Democratic Comptroller Candidates on Public Private Partnerships

We asked Democratic candidates for Comptroller – Delegate Brooke Lierman and Mayor Tim Adams – what they think of Public Private Partnerships. For their responses, click Continue reading

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2022 Baltimore Candidates Questionnaire Responses Round 2

Lawrence Williams – State Senate District 10
Christopher Anderson – State Senate District 40 (Republican Primary)

Korey Johnson – Delegate District 10
China Boak Terrell – Delegate District 40
Regina T. Boyce – Delegate District 43
Logan Endow – Delegate District 43A
Calvin Young – Delegate District 44B
Caylin Young – Delegate District 45
Vince Andrews – Delegate District 46

Izzy Patoka – Baltimore County Council District 2

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