In commemoration of Representative Elijah Cummings

By Bob Muehlenkamp, Chair Our Revolution Maryland

Elijah Cummings was a towering American hero.  He was the most important public leader in our state.  In the coming days and weeks much will be said in his honor.

As Chair of Our Revolution Maryland, I write both in my official capacity and personally based on my enduring admiration for Congressman Cummings. 

Whatever the occasion, whatever issue he was addressing, regardless of the question he was answering or the confusion he was clarifying, Mr. Cummings always brought the discussion back to the underlying issue: democracy.  

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Our Revolution Activists Bird Dog Steny Hoyer

9/20/19 – Poor Steny Hoyer can’t catch a break. Here Our Revolution activists challenge him to support health care for his constituents not a for profit system that benefits the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies that fill his campaign coffers.

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Richard (RJ) Eskow will speak at Medicare-for-All Town Hall in Gaithersburg

Progressive Richard (RJ) Eskow has worn and wears many hats. A highly regarded writer for magazines like the Nation, Common Dreams, HuffPost, and many others, he also hosts a successful videocast – the Zero Hour. In a former life, Richard worked in the health insurance industry. He is now a full-throated supporter of Medicare-for-All. Recently Richard wrote a fundraising appeal to Our Revolution Maryland activists and subscribers.

Richard has agreed to speak at our Medicare-for-All Town Hall in Gaithersburg on October 20. He joins an already formidable lineup including: Maryland District 39 Delegate Gabe Acevero, Our Revolution Chair and former CWA President Larry Cohen, Laura Kaplan-Weisman, M.D., and Sanjeef “Dr America” Sriram, M.D. We hope you can join us as well 2-4pm at the Gaithersburg Library. Please RSVP right here.

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Bernie Sanders for President!

Way back in April, Our Revolution Maryland endorsed Bernie Sanders for President. But if you haven’t read our April Newsletter, you might have missed that fact. We noted:  “Over the past few weeks ORMD Chapters polled members and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of endorsing Bernie with over 65% of respondents saying they support his candidacy. ORMD will be leading Maryland for Sanders both in the Free State and in nearby states.”

Unsurprisingly, Our Revolution – ORMD’s parent organization – endorsed Bernie shortly after he announced that he was running for President in 2020. A few days ago, Our Revolution Massachussetts announced that it too is endorsing Bernie. Many other Our Revolution groups around the country have also formally endorsed Bernie for President! Click here if you want to join Our Revolution Maryland’s fight to put Bernie in the White House.

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On the Climate Crisis from Anne Arundel co-Chair Clayton Northcraft

Created with GIMP

The devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian has brought the seriousness of the Climate Crisis into clear focus.

Click to help Our Revolution Maryland fight for our children’s future!

I’m Clayton Northcraft, co-Chair of Our Revolution Anne Arundel and that’s me in Newsweek on the left with my good friend Suz Mullen. We joined Our Revolution Maryland because we care about our future. Continue reading

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Watch the Medicare-for-Hall Town Hall in Steny Hoyer’s District

8/19/19 – Hoyer Town Hall Part 3.


8/19/19 – Hoyer Town Hall Part 2.


8/19/19 – Hoyer Town Hall Part 1.


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Medicare for All Townhall in Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s District 2 – 4pm August 17


Join us in Congressman Hoyer’s District to demand that the 2nd most powerful Democrat in the House support Medicare For All!



Location: Mt. Ennon Baptist Church, 9832 Piscataway Road, Clinton MD 20735.

Time: Saturday, August 17th, 2pm-4pm (doors open at 1:30pm)

Our healthcare system is broken. It is driven by profit and utter greed. While the healthcare industry rakes in billions of dollars every year in earnings, medical debt makes up 70% of all bankruptcies filed. Millions of Americans have no insurance. Continue reading

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Suz Mullen’s interview on Status Coup!

7/19/19 – Our Revolution Maryland’s Bernie Leader Suzannah Mullen tears it up for Bernie.


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Lights for Liberty!

An overcrowded, fenced area holds families at a Border Patrol station in McAllen, Tex., on June 10. (Handout/Reuters). Photograph published in Washington Post.

The administration’s persecution of Latin American immigrants fleeing violence and repression in their home countries is a great moral issue of our time. A just nation recoils at cruelty and oppression. Our Revolution Maryland is a sponsor of Lights for Liberty which this Friday July 12 “will bring thousands of people to locations worldwide” at one united Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps “to protest the inhumane conditions faced by migrants.” Continue reading

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July 5 Wrap-up

Lots of organizations slow down when the weather gets hot. Not Our Revolution Maryland:

Saturday June 30, OR – Anne Arundel led our march in the first annual Annual Annapolis Pride Parade and then hosted a super-popular booth where over 80 people stopped by to express support for our progressive mission and to join our email list. There are some great pics in the July Newsletter at 4.

Monday, July 2, ORMoCo and Western Maryland activists met with Congressman David Trone to urge him to co-sponsor HR 1384 – Medicare-for-All! The meeting was reasonably productive and ended on a positive note. Click “continue reading” for Amy Frieder‘s notes. Continue reading

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