Why I’m Voting for Joe Biden (and other progressives should too) by Sheila Ruth

Sheila Ruth is Co-Chair of Our Revolution Baltimore City/Baltimore County. She also represents District 44B in the Maryland House of Delegates. Below, she provides the most powerful argument we’ve seen to vote for Joe Biden in November:

Like many of you, I will forever mourn that we lost the opportunity for a Bernie Sanders presidency. But Bernie always said it was not just about one candidate. NotMeUs is not just a hashtag. It’s up to us to push for our goals no matter who’s in power. We must remember always our ultimate goals of justice and equity for all and a livable world. Continue reading

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August 29th Monthly Meeting – Fighting for Our Future!

Our Revolution Maryland August Meeting

Posted by Our Revolution Maryland on Saturday, August 29, 2020

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Workers Lose, Wall Street Wins. What to Do?

Our Revolution Baltimore City/Baltimore County activist Charlie Cooper asked us to post this op-ed and we’re delighted to do so. Charlie is the President of Get Money out Maryland. Get Money Out – Maryland, Inc. (GMOM) is a group of volunteers trying to get big money out of our political system and make elections fairer.

Date: August 22nd

Twenty-eight million people still need enhanced unemployment benefits.1 They are struggling to pay rent and feed their children. In July, nearly 14 million children didn’t have enough to eat. But their relief has expired. Other unfinished business on behalf of workers:

• No guaranteed access to testing or care for people with COVID-19 symptoms,
• Inadequate testing and contact tracing,
• State and local governments and public schools facing fiscal ruin, and
• The U.S. Postal Service being run into the ground by a crony who has huge investments in FedEx and UPS.
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Our August Newsletter

To download complete August 2020 Newsletter in pdf format for easy reading and active hyperlinks click here.August 2020

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It has Broken my Heart and Enraged Me!

From Our Revolution Chair Larry Cohen: “I just received this amazing video from the leader of OR France.  It consists of stories from Americans living in France about the French system and why we need MFA.  The production quality is outstanding and the stories compelling. In solidarity Larry”

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Letter to Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, and to Representatives Sarbanes, Raskin, and Mfume

Dear Senators and Representatives:

We at Our Revolution Maryland are writing to express our heartfelt appreciation for your recent vote in favor of cutting the defense budget by 10%. At the best of times, our rapidly spiraling spending on military endeavors presents grave contradictions between our self-styled image as a country of peace and diplomacy, and the seemingly unending forever wars we are engaged in across the globe.
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This Movement Moment: Listening

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Letter to Senators Van Hollen and Cardin

July 9, 2020

Dear Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen,

We at Our Revolution Maryland strongly oppose the Duckworth-Braun Voluntary Water Partnership for Distressed Communities Act and urge you to vote against it. 
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June 13th Statewide Zoom Meeting with Nina Turner


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Montgomery County Newsletter June 8

We sent an email yesterday about ways for you to get involved in our area, in this incredible social movement, including info about our June 20th Our Rev MoCo chapter Meeting, and other events that weekend around racial justice and the Poor People’s Campaign — as well as a rally happening right now, at 5 pm today, at the Macedonia Church on River Road. Events keep popping up, so we want to share some of the other events now, including important conversations around policing in Montgomery County and in Maryland. Continue reading

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