Mission Statement

Our Revolution Maryland (ORMD) is an independent organization affiliated with Our Revolution National.

ORMD engages in issue advocacy that is consistent with Our Revolution’s platform, which includes:

  1. Confronting corporate and billionaire elites.
  2. Demanding economic justice for all.

Our agenda comprises:

  1. Ending racism, sexism, and class-based inequities.
  2. Medicare for all.
  3. Good unionized jobs and fair livable wages.
  4. Permanent affordable housing.
  5. Progressive taxation.
  6. Peace – defunding the war machine.
  7. Environmental justice.
  8. Criminal justice reform.
  9. Tuition-free public colleges.
  10. Getting big money out of politics.

ORMD advocates for these issues and others at the National, State, and local level. ORMD strives strive to be a diverse organization that reflects the diversity of our State. ORMD works in solidarity with other grassroots movements and organizations across the world that advocate for similar positions.