Prince George’s County Chapter

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Our Revolution Prince George’s Chapter is a chapter of Our Revolution Maryland and Our Revolution National working on Progressive issues born out of Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign.

One of our activists, Colin Byrd, was elected Mayor of Greenbelt! Colin was a former Sanders Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. In 2017, Colin was the youngest Council person to represent the city, and Greenbelt’s second African American representative in its history.

Fair Elections Prince George’s

We are working on a public financing initiative in Prince George’s.  This effort is designed to put an end to the corrupting influence of money in Prince George’s politics. A Small Donor program enables grassroots candidates with strong community support to run for office with matching public funds.

  • Do you know that 1/3rd of current delegates and senators in the Maryland General Assembly first got their seats through appointment and not election?  Being an “incumbent” through an appointment gives you a leg up when you run at the next election. We need special elections to fill vacancies, not appointments.
  • Do you know that the PGDCC does not routinely put up agenda or minutes for its meetings on its website?
  • Why does Prince George’s not have a precinct structure?
  • Why are our central committee members carried on sample ballots of sitting senators?

The Democratic Party must be transparent and accountable and that must start at home.