Montgomery County Chapter

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2018 – Our Montgomery County Chapter rounded out a busy year of activity focused on issues, candidates, networking, training, and support.

Several members of Our Revolution in Montgomery County ran for City Council and higher office, and more still have heeded Bernie’s call to get more active in the local Democratic party, volunteering to serve in precinct organizations, canvassing, and representing progressive voices within the party. Another focus of activity has been collaborating with other locally–active progressive groups, including Progressive Neighbors, Takoma Park Mobilization, and Progressive Democrats of America.

2017 – In the spring the Chapter helped build the pressure that forced Gov. Hogan to cave and sign an anti- fracking ban. In the fall the OR MoCo chapter was active in the fight for a $15 dollar minimum wage, a bill which the Montgomery County Council unanimously passed in November with a veto-proof margin.

To support the activities of OR MD and to ensure we have the funds we need to continue to build momentum, OR MoCo held two phone-banking events in November 2017 to conduct outreach to supporters and request that our members consider becoming sustaining members.

On November 5th, as a part of a progressive alliance of groups, OR MoCo co-sponsored the Progressive Organizing Workshop to Empower Resistance (P.O.W.E.R).