Howard County Chapter – ORHoCo

Our Revolution Maryland’s Howard County chapter (ORHoCo) has been in operation since the early days of Our Revolution in 2016.

Our 2022 priorities (and partners) include:

  • legislative action (with Indivisible HoCo).
  • local policy & zoning (with HoCo Progressives).
  • systemic racism & justice reform (with HCCIJ & PATF-HoCo).
  • the Covid crisis (with ICA).
  • Green New Deal (with Sunrise HoCo).
  • Medicare for All (with MDPHC).
  • electing progressive candidates (with ORMD and many other groups).

Chapter Officers:

  • Chair – – Francis Uy.
  • Vice Chair – Dave LeGrande.
  • Secretary – Karin Emery.
  • Treasurer – Paul Baicich.
  • At Large – Nicole Dvorak (local govt).
  • At Large – Marilyn Park (justice reform).
  • At Large – Lindsey Sands (outreach).
  • At Large – Kiana Fok.
  • At Large – Dan Hajdo.

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ORHoCo meeting, with guest speaker Nina Turner ORHoCo meeting, wit guest speaker Ben Jealous

From January 2018 at our Medicare for All public meeting: Panelists (l-r): Ken Zinn (National Nurses United), Mark Dudzic (Labor Campaign for Single Payer), and Eric Naumburg (Physicians for a National Health Program) Also, Nina Turner at the podium (left) and Ben Jealous at the podium (right).