Congressional District 6

The Maryland political blog “A Miner Detail” videotaped the Congressional District 6 forum. Please Click Here to watch the entire Our Revolution candidate forum. Or Click on the Youtube links below to watch by section.

Opening Statements

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4


Please view the Candidate Questionnaires for Congressional District 6 (click on the PDF links below for each candidate that responded to our questions).

On this page you can find the candidates’ answers to the Our Revolution Montgomery County and Western Maryland questionnaires. You can click on each to begin reading. HOWEVER, we recommend that you first click on the first link, “Compiled Answers from Candidates,” where you will find a comparison of the candidates’ “yes,” “no,” “support,” “oppose,” “neither” answers. After examining the these replies to compare, then go to an individual candidate’s questionnaire to read their elaboration and explanations.

 In the alternative, you can print each of the questionnaires and the compilation. Then you can quickly move from one candidates’s elaboration to those of another on the same question.

Complied Answers from Candidates

Andrew Duck OR CD6 Questionnaire

Chris Graves OR CD6 Questionnaire

Nadia Hashimi OR CD6 Questionnaire

Chris Hearsey OR CD6 Questionnaire

Roger Manno OR CD6 Questionnaire

Aruna Miller OR CD6 Questionnaire