Our History

Top aides to Senator Bernie Sanders founded Our Revolution in the wake of the disastrous November 2016 Presidential election. Our Revolution Maryland became one of its first state branches soon thereafter. We comprise seven local chapters with thousands of dedicated activists fighting for true progressive change.

Our Revolution is necessary because most residents no longer have a real voice on critical decisions being made by federal, county, and state elected officials. Corporate lobbyists and establishment-approved politicians have taken over our government.

Our Revolution Maryland is taking on this new oligarchy. We are demanding that government meet the needs of the people, not the corporate lobbyists and wealthy campaign contributors. Our Revolution Maryland is activating tens of thousands of Maryland voters to take back our state. We are recruiting, training, and empowering progressive candidates who won’t be bought. When we stick together we will win.

And in fact, we have already won many victories including – a statewide fracking ban, a minimum wage hike in Montgomery County, electing truly progressive County Executives in Baltimore County and Montgomery County, and many other progressives to state office. Among our many goals are Medicare-for-All, passing the Maryland Trust Act, instituting a $15 minimum wage statewide, ending punitive bail, making state colleges and universities tuition-free, and the enactment of the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act.