About OR MoCo

Our Revolution Montgomery County (OR MoCo) seeks to promote economic, social, racial, and environmental justice and counter the corrupting influences of wealth and power through community organizing, political engagement, education, and outreach.  Launched in late 2016 as one of six local chapters of Our Revolution Maryland – a 501c(4) nonprofit political organization – we have grown to more than 100 active members in Montgomery County.

By joining OR MoCo, you can help build a grassroots movement to reclaim democracy.  Our members are leading efforts to develop and advocate for a state and local policy agenda, endorse and elect candidates, and build the strongest member-led progressive organization in Maryland.


Any resident of Montgomery County who shares the mission and values of OR MoCo can sign up to be a member by clicking here.  We encourage members to make a small, recurring donation to support the chapter’s activities.  Membership dues support facility rentals for meetings, outreach materials, and community organizing efforts.


OR MoCo’s activities are coordinated by a group of up to 15 steering committee members, including the following officer positi
ons: two co-chairs, a treasurer, and a secretary.  Steering committee members are elected by the chapter membership to 2-year terms.  The steering committee is responsible for chapter leadership, governance, and oversight; strategic planning; and engagement, outreach, and fundraising.  Our next elections will be held in __.  Position descriptions can be found here.  Current chapter leaders are:

  • Ed Fischman, interim co-chair
  • Hal Ginsberg, interim co-chair