Maryland Needs Equitable Public Transit Expansion

With the climate crisis threatening our children’s future, we must reduce greatly our carbon footprint. The transportation sector is responsible for generating more fossil fuel emissions than any other. When we take buses or trains, instead of driving, we save money and the environment.

Some Maryland neighborhoods do have decent access to public transportation. But poor people, rural and inner-city residents, those with physical limitations, and predominantly black and brown communities are the least likely to have a range of options.

The Transit Equity Act, sponsored by Senator Jill Carter and Delegate Sheila Ruth addresses this injustice head-on and moreover will lead to annual reductions of Maryland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The Senate Finance Committee heard testimony on this legislation on February 1st and the House Environment and Transit Committee is hearing testimony on February 2nd. Join our letter campaign by clicking here to email the members of these Committees and to urge them to issue a favorable report on the Transit Equity Act.

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