Publicly Financed Elections are Essential!

Delegate Jessica Feldmark has reintroduced legislation – HB0176​ – to authorize the expansion of public financing to candidates running for:

  • State’s Attorney
  • Sheriff
  • Register of Wills
  • Circuit Court Judge
  • Circuit Court Clerk
  • Judge of the Orphans’ Court
  • County Board of Education​.

Increasing the number of offices that are open to publicly financed candidates will help democratize our state and local governments. Passing Delegate Feldmark’s bill would mean that less affluent people – including more people of color and women – whose policies reflect the circumstances of everyday Marylanders would have a real shot at taking office.

Delegate Feldmark’s bill is scheduled to be introduced into the House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday January 31st. Please click to email the 26 members to urge them to support this crucial legislation!

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