Help Tenants Protect Themselves from Bad Landlords

Guaranteeing Marylanders quality affordable housing is one of our top priorities in the 2023 legislative session. Delegate Vaughn Stewart’s Tenant Safety Act would allow tenants living in a substandard apartment building or complex to join together in one suit against their landlord. Under current Maryland law, each tenant must file their own action even when neighbors are similarly situated.

Delegate Stewart’s proposal would afford renters the right to open a joint escrow account for rent withheld when a landlord fails to provide safe and habitable premises. If the landlord doesn’t remedy the defects, the tenants could file a collective action thereby saving crucial time and money.

Please Call or email your State Senator and Delegates to urge them to co-sponsor Delegate Stewart’s Tenant Safety Act. Tenants should have the ability to protect themselves when their landlord is violating the law. Click here for a list of all General Assembly members by county with phone numbers and email addresses.

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