Every Maryland Worker Deserves the Right to Bargain Collectively

When workers and the formerly middle-class are economically insecure, they may turn to authoritarians and extremists who promise them a better life in return for a loss of freedoms.

Over the last three centuries, unions have proven to be a critical bulwark against the corporate elites thereby safeguarding our democracy. In Maryland, however, many public sector workers who wish to bargain collectively do not have that right.

State Delegate Linda Foley (MD-17) is introducing legislation to right this wrong.

As Our Revolution Maryland’s Treasurer Jimmy Tarlau pointed out in Maryland Matters, “Public workers in Gaithersburg have no more rights than public workers in Hattiesburg, Miss.” Click to read Jimmy’s op-ed.

Please call or email your State Senator and Delegates and urge them to co-sponsor legislation that protects the right of all Maryland public employees to bargain collectively. Here is a list of all General Assembly members by county with phone numbers and email addresses.

When we organize, we win!

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