Help End Tax Breaks for Crooked Corporations!

With a Democratic Governor and large Democratic majorities in both the upper and lower houses of the Maryland General Assembly, the opportunity to pass progressive legislation here may be better than it is has ever been.

Currently, Maryland allows corporations fined for wrongdoing to deduct from their tax bill any restitution made to the government as part of a settlement.

This unjust privilege greatly reduces both 1) the incentive of corporate officers to comply with state and federal regulations and 2) the net value to taxpayers of any redress these bad actors ultimately pay.

State Delegate Julie Palakovich Carr (LD-17) is introducing legislation to remedy this travesty.

As Delegate Palakovich Carr states: “We shouldn’t give tax breaks to companies that have polluted the environment or harmed society when they are forced to comply with the law.”

We have a great opportunity to hold corporate malefactors responsible.

Please call or email your State Senator and Delegates and urge them co-sponsor legislation that eliminates the corporate tax break for monies paid in settlement of levied fines or lawsuits.

Click here for a list of all General Assembly members by county with phone numbers and email addresses.

When we organize, we win!

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