The Maryland primaries were a week ago. But many races remain unsettled. This is due to a large number of mail-in ballots and the statute that prevents jurisdictions from counting votes until two days after polls have closed. Here’s where we are now with victory squares for our endorsed candidates who have definitely won their primary.

The Montgomery County Executive race is a nailbiter. As of Sunday morning July 31st, Big Pharma multi-millionaire David Blair leads our choice incumbent Marc Elrich by only 31 votes. Blair was ahead by over a thousand votes in the first count. But Marc won the first mail-in/absentee ballots decisively. The last three daily counts have favored Blair. We are concerned that more recently mailed votes are breaking for Blair because of the late influx of dark Silicon Valley money targeting the County Executive.

Results (Our Endorsed Candidates are underlined)

Statewide Races:

Governor Wes Moore holds a commanding lead in the competition for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. He is very likely to square off against Trump’s pick Dan Cox.

Comptroller – We congratulate Brooke Lierman on winning the Democratic nomination.

Attorney General – 4th District Congressmember Anthony Brown has won the Democratic primary.

US Congressional Primaries

Senate – Incumbent Chris Van Hollen easily survived a challenge.

House of Representatives

  • 1st District – Heather Mizeur will take on incumbent Trumper Andy Harris.
  • 2nd District – Incumbent Dutch Ruppersberger won.
  • 3rd District – Incumbent John Sarbanes won.
  • 4th District – With massive financial support from AIPAC, Glenn Ivey defeated Donna Edwards in the Democratic primary.
  • 5th District – House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer prevailed over progressive Mckayla Wilkes.
  • 6th District – Incumbent David Trone won.
  • 7th District – Incumbent Kweisi Mfume won.
  • 8th District – Incumbent Jamie Raskin won.

MD General Assembly Primaries – State Senate

  • District 12 (Howard County) – Incumbent Clarence Lam ran unopposed.
  • District 18 (Montgomery County) – Incumbent Jeff Waldstreicher defeated Max Socol.
  • District 23 (Prince George’s County) – Raaheela Ahmed is running a very close second to incumbent Ron Watson.
  • District 38 (Lower Shore) – Michelle Gregory ran unopposed.
  • District 39 (Montgomery County) – Long-time incumbent Nancy King defeated Adam Cunningham
  • District 41 (Baltimore City) – Progressive Champion Senator Jill Carter ran unopposed.

House of Delegates

  • District 9A (Carroll and Howard Counties 2 winners) – Natalie Ziegler and Chao Wu are leading over Stephen Bolen.
  • District 10 (Baltimore County 3 winners) – House Speaker Adrienne Jones, Jennifer White, and N. Scott Phillips are leading. The first two are almost certain to prevail.
  • District 12A (Howard County 2 winners) – Incumbents Terri Hill and Jessica Feldmark have won.
  • District 13 (Howard County 3 winners) – Incumbents Vanessa Atterbeary and Jen Terrasa are leading. Pam Lanman Guzzone is third.
  • District 14 (Montgomery County 3 winners) – Incumbents Anne Kaiser, Pam Queen, and Eric Luedtke hold big leads.
  • District 15 (Montgomery County 3 winners) – The three incumbents Lily Qi, David Fraser-Hidalgo, and Linda Foley prevailed.
  • District 17 (Montgomery County 3 winners) – Incumbents Julie Palakovich Carr and Kumar Barve, and newcomer Joe Vogel are the winners.
  • District 18 (Montgomery County 3 winners) – Incumbents Emily Shetty and Jared Solomon are the nominees along with Aaron Kaufman.
  • District 19 (Montgomery County 3 winners) – Incumbents Charlotte Crutchfield, Bonnie L. Cullison, Vaughn Stewart prevailed.
  • District 20 (Montgomery County 3 winners) – Incumbents Lorig Charkoudian, David Moon, and Jheanelle Wilkins are the winners.
  • District 22 (Prince George’s County 3 winners) – Incumbents Nicole A. Williams and Alonzo T. Washington have insurmountable leads. Delegate Anne Healey is ahead of Ashanti Martinez for the final position.
  • District 24 (Prince George’s County 3 winners) – Incumbents Jazz Lewis and Andrea Harrison lead. Tiffany Alston is in third.
  • District 38A (Lower Shore 1 winner) – Todd Nock ran unopposed.
  • District 39 (Montgomery Count 3 winners) – Incumbents Gabe Acevero, Lesley J. Lopez, and Kirill Reznik all won.
    Kirill Reznik (D)
  • District 40 (Baltimore City 3 winners) – Incumbents Melissa Wells, Frank Conaway, and Marlon Amprey are leading by a wide margin.
  • District 43A (Baltimore City 2 winners) – Incumbent Regina Boyce and Elizabeth Embry are leading.
  • District 44B (Baltimore County 3 winners) – Our Revolution Baltimore County/City Co-Chair Delegate Sheila Ruth has a clear lead with Alethia McCaskill holding the edge for the second spot.
  • District 45 (Baltimore City 3 winners) – Jackie Addison, incumbent Stephanie Smith, and Caylin A. Young are currently leading.
  • District 46 – (Baltimore City 3 winners) Incumbents Robbyn Lewis and Luke Clippinger along with Marc Edelson prevailed.

County Primaries

Baltimore County –

  • State’s Attorney – Robbie Leonard trails narrowly long-time incumbent Scott Shellenberger.
  • Council District 1 – State Delegate Pat Young leads Paul Dongarra.
  • Council District 2 – We congratulate incumbent Izzy Patoka on his victory.

Howard County –

  • Council District 1 – Congratulations to primary winner Liz Walsh!
  • Council District 5 – Joan Pontius ran unopposed.

Montgomery County –

  • County Executive – As of Sunday July 31ar progressive Executive Marc Elrich trails David Blair by 21 votes.
  • Councilmember At-Large (4 positions) – Incumbent Will Jawando and Laurie-Ann Sayles are currently in 3rd and 4th place.
  • Council District 5 – Kristin Mink is leading by 15 percentage points. But the race has yet to be called.
  • Council District 6 – Natali Fani-Gonzalez has been declared the winner.

Prince George’s County –

  • Council District 2 – Former State Senator Victor Ramirez narrowly trails Delegate Wanika Fisher.
  • Council District 3 – Incumbent Eric Olson has a commanding lead.
  • Council District 6 – Our Revolution Maryland co-founder Wala Blegay is leading in the race for District 6 Councilmember.
  • Council District 7 – Krystal Oriadha is victorious in the primary.
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