Responses to Our Questionnaires for MD Gubernatorial and Congressional Candidates

Here are the links to the responses we have received to date to our Questionnaires for Maryland’s Candidates for Governor and Congress. We will update as we receive more. The party primaries are currently scheduled to be held on July 19th. All Candidates are running in the Democratic primary unless otherwise specified.

Governor Congress (District)
Rushern Baker Angela Angel (4th)
Peter Franchot James Curtis (4th)
John King Donna Edwards (4th)
Ashwani Jain Glenn Ivey (4th)
Tom Perez Jazz Lewis (4th)
Robin Ficker (Republican) Mckayla Wilkes (5th)
Vanessa Marie Hoffman (5th-Libertarian)
Jamie Raskin (8th)
Gregory Coll (8th-Republican)
Kevin Andres Garcia (8th-Libertarian)


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