Rob Savidge, DaJuan Gay, and Toni Strong Pratt for Annapolis City Council

Three progressive champions are running for Annapolis City Council on November 2nd.

Our Revolution Maryland supports challenger Toni Strong Pratt in Ward 4.. We also support for re-election DaJuan Gay in Ward 6 and Rob Savidge in Ward 7!

Our Revolution Maryland supports challenger Toni Strong Pratt’s write-in campaign. Strong Pratt has helped lead the fight in Annapolis for adequate housing, opioid recovery, public safety and educational equity. Annapolis needs Toni Strong Pratt on the City Council. For more information on Toni Strong Pratt and to help her campaign, click here.


DaJuan Gay strongly supported Annapolis’s Medicare for All Resolution. Alderman Gay is also an environmental champion who recognizes the necessity of maintaining a healthy Chesapeake Bay for Annapolis’s future. Alderman Gay provides a critical voice for young Annapolians and Annapolians of color when it comes to the economic challenges they face in Maryland’s capital. For more information about DaJuan Gay, click here.

Before running for office, Rob Savidge was a public employee who blew the whistle when developers in Annapolis were clearing protected forests in violation of state law. Motivated to prevent that type of abuse from happening again and to protect our treasured Chesapeake Bay, Savidge jumped into politics by running for a seat on the Annapolis City Council. As Ward 7 Alderman, Savidge led the successful recent effort to pass a City Council Resolution in support of Medicare for All. For more information about Rob Savidge, click here.


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