Our Revolution Endorses Greenbelt Mayor Colin Byrd for Re-Election!

Mayor Byrd is a trailblazer. He urged the City Council to adopt a resolution in support of Medicare for All. Subsequently, the Prince George’s County Council took up the effort and early this year passed such a measure.

Mayor Byrd’s efforts led Greenbelt, on July 9, to become the first United States city to approve taking up the issue of reparations on a voting ballot. Residents will decide the referendum in the November election.

Mayor Byrd is a member of Our Revolution Maryland and has spoken at Our Revolution National and Our Revolution Maryland events in support of a $15 minimum wage, Medicare-for All, and the Green New Deal.

Mayor Byrd is a member of Mayors for Medicare for All and is the only Prince George’s County Mayor to sit on the Prince George’s County Climate Action Commission.

Mayor Byrd is liaison to Greenbelt’s Environmental Sustainability Committee. Last year, Sustainable Maryland named Greenbelt the 2020 Sustainability Champion.

Mayor Byrd has taken up the cause of low and middle-income renters during the pandemic. He backed successful efforts to pass emergency rental assistance as well as temporary bans on late fees and evictions.

Please support Mayor Byrd for re-election and, If you live in Greenbelt, vote for him. Early voting is already underway. Mayor will be the City Council candidate with the most votes.

If you’d like to help re-elect Mayor Byrd, you can visit his facebook page, email Hal Ginsberg at Our Revolution or email colinabyrd@gmail.com

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