On the Climate Crisis from Anne Arundel co-Chair Clayton Northcraft

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The devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian has brought the seriousness of the Climate Crisis into clear focus.

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I’m Clayton Northcraft, co-Chair of Our Revolution Anne Arundel and that’s me in Newsweek on the left with my good friend Suz Mullen. We joined Our Revolution Maryland because we care about our future.

Proudly wearing Our Revolution shirts, just in the past few months, we marched in the first annual Annapolis Pride Parade, organized events for Medicare-for-All, and have canvassed for Bernie Sanders. Like Suz, I’m a volunteer and have been spending my own hard-earned money to promote causes that we believe in.

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We care about all these issues. But no issue matters more to us than the Climate Crisis. Saving the biosphere requires an immediate move away from fossil fuels.

Our Revolution Maryland is working with the Sierra Club to close Maryland’s coal-fired power planets. Our Revolution delivered over 30,000 signatures to the DNC demanding a climate debate and even though that demand may have been rejected, CNN devoted 7 hours to the climate crisis Wednesday night – the most by far ever!

Although we are a volunteer-driven organization, we do have expenses associated with our work. Help us continue and grow even stronger.

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Clayton Northcraft
Our Revolution Anne Arundel

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