March on March 11th for Our Schools

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March 11, the March for Our Schools will go forward in Annapolis at 6pm in front of the Statehouse. In support, Our Revolution Howard County Chair Paul Baicich was spotted in P.G. County making banners – far from his home grounds. Okay the counties are right next to each other. But still. . .

Maryland’s public schools and teachers are outstanding. But Governor Hogan has been cutting education funds and our children are suffering as a result. The independent Kirwan Commission concluded at the end of 2016, that Maryland’s education budget was $2.9 short of the amount necessary.

We are 11th in the nation in spending per pupil. Three of the states that spend more per capita – Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Jersey – are the three states ranked higher by Education Week in school effectiveness. While fourth sounds pretty good, Maryland schools were ranked number one from 2009 – 13 but have dropped since budget cutter Larry Hogan became governor. More troubling is the fact that schools in poorer districts and districts with a high percentage of students of color are receiving far less support than those in more affluent communities even though the needs of the former are far greater.

It’s time to march for our schools and demand that every child in Maryland get the quality education that they deserve. The Maryland State Education Association is helping arrange transportation to Annapolis from all over the state. OR Howard County members David LeGrande and Nick Johnson are coordinating with ORMD marchers from across the state. Join us by clicking on David’s name and emailing him.

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