9/20/19 – Poor Steny Hoyer can’t catch a break. Here Our Revolution activists challenge him to support Medicare-for-All not big Pharma and for-profit insurance companies.


9/2/19 – State Organizer Hal Ginsberg speaks at the Mt Ennon Baptist Church’s Labor Day March and Rally for Full Employment and Economic Justice.


8/22/19 – ORMoCo’s Zola Shaw testifying in support of Vote by Mail legislation in the City Rockville.


8/19/19 – Hoyer Town Hall Part 3.


8/19/19 – Hoyer Town Hall Part 2.


8/19/19 – Hoyer Town Hall Part 1.


8/8/19 – ORMD’s Laura Kaplan-Weisman, M.D., on WBAL discusses Medicare-for-All.


6/14/19 – Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer tries to justify his opposition to Medicare-for-All at his annual Bull Roast in Mitchellville, MD.


5/5/19 – ORMoCo Member Dayo Akinsheye speaks at a rally against plans to supersize and privatize I-495 and I-270.


4/17/19 – ORMoCo Member Janny Musselman, asks MD Congressman David Trone about whether he supports Medicare-for-All. He doesn’t.


4/10/19 – ORMoCo Member Laura Kaplan-Weissman, M.D., asks Governor Jay Inslee about medical bankruptcies during CNN Townhall


4/8/19 – U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (MD) dodges question about Democratic support for Medicare for All.


2/19/19 – P.G. County’s Evan Matthew Papp birddogs House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on Medicare-for-All


June 24th Conference Call with Ben Jealous

The Maryland Our Revolution (OR) group drafted a series of questions to candidates running in the 2018 Maryland gubernatorial election. On June 24th, candidate Benjamin Jealous responded to those questions as well as answered questions from local OR chapter leaders who were watching or calling into the live stream. This is part of a process in having members decide who Our Revolution Maryland will endorse in this upcoming election.

March 3rd Our Revolution Congressional District 6 Forum

The Maryland Our Revolution (OR) group held a candidate forum on March 3rd. Candidates running for congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District and hoping to secure an endorsement from Our Revolution answered questions. This video was recorded by, “A Miner Detail” a Maryland political blog focusing almost exclusively on Maryland political news, elections, public policy, political candidates and whatever topic is driving the news cycle.

Highlights from Congressman Andy Harris’ Town Hall Meeting

While 1st District Congressman Andy Harris has hosted dozens of town hall meetings since he took office in 2011, it is unlikely that he has ever experienced anything like what took place at Chesapeake College tonight. With a standing room only crowd over 900 in size, the Congressman attempted to respond to a number of pre written questions on health care, the Trump administration, immigration reform, and the health of the Chesapeake Bay to a generally hostile crowd of Mid-Shore residents.

Here are a few highlights from this evening’s event.