Canvassing for Medicare-for-All

Thursday afternoon, I joined OrMoCo members Don Bosset and Betsey Katiti at the Silver Spring Metro Station where Don was leading a canvass for Medicare-for-All. We urged supporters to reach out to Maryland’s two U.S. Senators, Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin – both Democrats – and demand that they support Medicare-for-All legislation.   Continue reading

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March on March 11th for Our Schools

more pics on page 2

March 11, the March for Our Schools will go forward in Annapolis at 6pm in front of the Statehouse. In support, Our Revolution Howard County Chair Paul Baicich was spotted in P.G. County making banners – far from his home grounds. Okay the counties are right next to each other. But still. . .

Maryland’s public schools and teachers are outstanding. But Governor Hogan has been cutting education funds and our children are suffering as a result. The independent Kirwan Commission concluded at the end of 2016, that Maryland’s education budget was $2.9 short of the amount necessary. Continue reading

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Report from Howard County

Together with the Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare, Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland, and Physicians for a National Health Program, ORHoCo held a Medicare-for-All Barnstorm on February 11. Neighborhood canvassing begins Saturday February 23 in Columbia’s Owen Brown neighborhood. Phone-banking and more canvassing will take place in March. For more information and to join the Howard Chapter, email Chair Paul Baicich at

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Our Revolution Baltimore’s Climate Change Meeting

Summer 2018 Shasta-Trinity National Forest California. NYTimes

Saturday, I attended, with over 30 other activists, Our Revolution Baltimore’s February 16 meeting at the Waverly Library in central Baltimore – just a few blocks east of Johns Hopkins University’s main campus. The Baltimore Chapter convenes on either the third Saturday or Sunday of each month.

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Our Revolution MoCo’s Healthcare Barnstorm

LE Gomez, M.D., and healthcare advocate Chrissy Holt address the audience.

Over 50 activists crowded into a meeting room at the Silver Spring Tastee Diner Sunday afternoon. The topic at this event, one of over a hundred Barnstorms held around the country and four in Maryland alone, was how to win the fight for Medicare-for-All and establish health care as a human right in the United States. For more information and to join the fight, click here. More great pics on the next page. Continue reading

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The Progressive Alliance’s Conversation and Celebration with Marc Elrich

On Saturday afternoon January 5, more than 200 progressive Montgomery County activists and engaged residents crowded into the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Cafeteria. They came for a two and a half hour “Celebration and Conversation” with new County Executive Marc Elrich organized by the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance. Comprising four very active local organizations (Democratic Socialists of America – Montgomery, Our Revolution Montgomery County, Progressive Maryland, and Progressive Neighbors), the Progressive Alliance coordinated group activities in support of Marc and other endorsed candidates throughout 2018. Continue reading

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Senator Harris’s Welcome Embrace of Medicare-for-All

Lonnie Tague / Wikimedia Commons

I believe that health care should be a right, but the reality is that it is still a privilege in this country. We need that to change. When someone gets sick, there is already so much else to deal with: the physical pain for the patient, the emotional pain for the family. There is often a sense of desperation — of helplessness — as we grapple with the fear of the unknown. Medical procedures already have risks. Prescription drugs already have side effects. Financial anxiety should not be one of them.

Kamala Harris, NYT (Dec 30, 2018)

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Jonathan Chait, Democratic Socialists, and Beto O’Rourke

Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders Photo: Getty Images

New York Magazine has just published a provocative article by Jonathan Chait critiquing recent criticism of Beto O’Rourke by left-wing intellectuals who support Bernie Sanders. Chait backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries and has argued that neoliberalism is a progressive bogey not a destructive ideology. He is admittedly unsympathetic to democratic socialism. Continue reading

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Join the Conversation!

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Yes, Barry, Marylanders really are Progressive

In his latest column, Rockeymoore Cummings’ Challenge at Political Maryland, Barry Rascovar offers some unsolicited advice to Maryland’s new State Democratic Party Chair: “Run to the center Maya!” Despite Democrats’ 2 to 1 advantage in voter registration over Republicans, we’re really a pretty moderate group, claims Rascovar, who don’t cotton to recklessly expensive left-wing fantasies like Medicare-for-All.

Rascovar’s complaint about cost is spectacularly ill-timed coming hours after the Guardian reported that studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the conservative Mercatus Institute at George Mason University both found that embracing single-payer or Medicare-for-All would lead to trillions of dollars in savings over the next 10 years and a healthier populace. Rascovar is equally wrong when it comes  to its popularity. The Washington Post reported on September 18 that a majority of Marylanders want single-payer.

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