Mission Statement

Our Revolution Maryland (ORMD) is an independent organization affiliated with Our Revolution National.

ORMD engages in issue advocacy that is consistent with Our Revolution’s platform, which includes confronting the neo-liberal austerity agenda, the domination of politics by corporate and elite interests and the fight for economic equality.

Our agenda includes: fighting for good unionized jobs and fair livable wages, permanent affordable housing, progressive taxation, resisting the heavy hand of the military industrial complex and its international war machine, environmental justice, legislation to create a livable planet, racial and gender equity, criminal justice reform, universal single-payer health care for all, tuition-free public colleges, and getting big money out of politics.

ORMD will advocate for these issues and others at the National, State, and local level. ORMD shall strive to be a diverse organization that reflects the diversity of our State. ORMD shall work in solidarity with other grassroots movements and organizations across the world that advocate for similar positions.