Howard County Chapter

Our Revolution Maryland’s Howard County chapter has been in operation since late 2016. Our four top issues for 2020 are enhanced Medicare-for-All, the environment/climate change (Green New Deal), immigrant justice and safety, and the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign (including delegate presence at the Dem Convention).

We also are concerned with tuition-free public college, a $15 per hour minimum wage, criminal justice reform, and Howard County-specific issues that include overdevelopment, school plans and crowding, transportation, and ending the Howard County Government’s relationship with ICE.

Chapter Officers:

  • Paul J. Baicich – Chair
  • Dave LeGrande – Vice Chair
  • Patrick Keesling – Treasurer
  • Nick Johnson – Fundraising
  • Francis Uy – Secretary – communications
  • Meagan Braganca – At large
  • Kathleen ‘Kat” Uy – At large
  • Jeanette Ravendhran – At large
  • Mustafa Mirza – At large – video emphasis
  • Kiana Fok – At Large

Interested in joining with us? We hold our monthly member meetings on the second Wednesday night of each month.

Contact us at for additional info.

For the latest on upcoming events (including virtual membership and educational meetings during the coronavirus, community activities and support because of the coronavirus, fundraisers, and more), visit our social media pages below:
ORHoCo Twitter
ORHoCo Facebook

The photos below are from our first real public meeting in the county. We’ve been doing well ever since!

From January 2018 at our Medicare for All public meeting: Panelists (l-r):
Ken Zinn (National Nurses United), Mark Dudzic (Labor Campaign for Single
Payer), and Eric Naumburg (Physicians for a National Health Program)
Also, Nina Turner at the podium (left) and Ben Jealous at the podium (right).