Our Revolution – Maryland is dedicated to working towards the issues outlined in the Our Revolution platform. To learn about those issues, click here to visit the Our Revolution website.

2017 Legislative Priorities

Eliminate bail for those who can’t afford it and are not a risk to society or a risk to flee (SB 880/HB 1390)

‘Restrictive bail’ forces people arrested to serve time in jail prior to conviction;
Ensure that the Court of Appeals rule becomes law and state practice.

Ban Fracking (SB 740/HB  1325)

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) creates a hazard to water quality and ground stability.

Protect our vulnerable communities with the TRUST ACT (SB 835/HB 1362)

The TRUST Act would, among its requirements, outlaw local law enforcement from enforcing federal immigration law because it undermines the community’s trust in policing.

Provide a degree or job certification without debt

Make community college free for working and middle income families;
Contain costs at four-year institutions

Fight for $15; make $15 the state minimum wage (SB 962/HB 1416)

Phase in a $15 minimum wage to move all employees – public and private — towards a ‘living wage’;
Oppose any efforts to pass a ‘pre-emption’ law restricting local counties or cities from adopting $15 wage until a statewide bill is passed with indexing (oppose HB 317)

Strong Paid Sick Leave Legislation (SB 230/HB 1)

Coverage for all employers with over 15 employees