Our Revolution – Maryland is dedicated to working towards the issues outlined in the Our Revolution platform. To learn about those issues, click here to visit the National Our Revolution website.

2018 Legislative Priorities

OR-Maryland Legislative Agenda for 2018

Priority Legislation Issues
Overturning Governor’s Veto of Paid Sick Leave (2017, HB 1/SB230)

Minimum Wage increase to $15

The ‘Fight for $15’ seeks to implement a $15/hour minimum wage for all workers and
takes a small step towards ensuring economic justice for all.

Debt Free College Degrees and Job Certification; funded through loophole closing

Debt-free college and career training legislation would provide free community college
for working and middle-income families, freeze tuition at four-year state universities,
reduce waiting lists for need-based scholarships and incentivize a return to college for
former students to complete their degrees.

Medicare for All/Single Payer Health Care

Working from a Medicare model, move Maryland, through a single more rational system,
to provide quality, affordable and accessible health care for all Maryland residents.

Criminal Justice Reform and Improve Pre-Trial Services

Building on last year’s bail reform efforts to stop incarceration based on ability to pay,
effort will be made to improve drug treatment and provide other services pre-trial.

Increase Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) of 50% by 2030

This initiative would require half of Maryland’s electricity to come from renewable
energy sources (wind, solar, etc.) by 2030. By law, Maryland is already required to
reduce its greenhouse gases. Without strong, decisive action, our state, country and
planet will be afflicted with sea level rise, flooding and more severe storms and drought.

Trust Act

The TRUST Act would protect immigrants from fear and intimidation and
guarantee basic rights.

‘Support’ for these Initiatives & Legislation

Democracy Initiatives

Election Day voter registration and change of party registration, small donor public financing
& constitutional amendment repealing Citizens United;

Tax Reform

Close corporate tax loopholes (including: carried interest, throwback & pass combined
reporting); freeze the estate tax; and reinstate the millionaire tax;

Worker Right

Collective bargaining for community college workers; statewide collective bargaining for
local government workers; and overtime for low income salaried employees;

Environmental Initiatives

Strong action to reduce nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment entering to the Chesapeake Bay;
prohibition of Styrofoam and plastic bags; and prohibit the construction of the TransCanada
Potomac Gas Pipeline;

Criminal Justice Reform

Elimination of mandatory minimum sentencing & eradicate police violence;

Improving Schools and Student Learning

Revamp of state k-12 school funding formula, including new school reforms (Kirwan
commission proposal); funded through progressive taxation; and universal pre-K education
(likely to be included in Kirwan Commission; and

Death with Dignity legislation

Support Our Revolution Maryland!

You can see that OR MD activists are hard at work across our state, supporting progressive candidates and energizing progressive activists with events — including bringing Bernie back to Baltimore on December 6!

We are heading into the most important political year in a generation. We have an aggressive progressive legislative agenda for 2019 and our Chapters are endorsing scores of progressive candidates for state Delegate and Senate seats, Congress, county and local elections.

And we have to elect Ben Jealous as Maryland’s next Governor!