Van Hollen supports a move to Medicare-For-All

Our Revolution favors an “Improved Medicare for All” aka a “Single Payer” approach to healthcare financing in the United States. Our Senator Chris Van Hollen has written a letter included below saying, “I support moving to a Medicare-for-All type system and am committed to making sure all Marylanders and All Americans have access to health care…. I am also working with my colleagues—including Bernie Sanders— on ways to move towards the goal of a Medicare-for-All type system.”


How would a “Medicare-for-All”(Improved Medicare IM) system work?

  • Every person would have a medical charge card to get care anywhere she/he chose.
  • All Providers would be paid a fair reimbursement based on complexity and time spent coming directly from the Medicare Trust Fund (MTF)
  • There would be no deductibles or co-pays.


We are asking and hope you will comment on, is your current healthcare coverage better than this? Please revisit Our Revolution Maryland website for periodic updates, news and information on Improved Medicare for All.

Dr. Schumann practiced ophthalmology for 25 years.  She is a member of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), Healthcare NOW! of Maryland and Progressive Neighbors.

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